How to set up a parent account

How to set up a parent account

1. Go to go to 'log in' and select 'create account'.

2. Fill out the fields, your username must be unique within the whole of EdShed. You will then have to verify your email address. 
3. Once your email is verified you will need to choose 'Parent' from the types of account

4. Next, add your organisation address (home address)
5. Then you can choose your free or paid subscription. For Maths and Spelling Shed you can add up to 5 children to the account.
6. Next you need to add your children to the account. Go to 'All Pupils' in the menu.
7. Click 'Add Pupil', then the 'more' button fill out the name, username and password (the rest are optional)
8. Once children are added, assign them a licence by ticking the box by their name and selecting 'give licence' and select your subscription.

8. Your children can then go to edshed and login with their username and password
9. You will next be able to set the children the exact spelling lists/ maths skills you would like them to practice.

Please see the help article on 'How to set an assignment'

For more information on this watch the video tutorial below:

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