Which domains do I need to whitelist in my firewall so that I can access EdShed?

Which domains do I need to whitelist in my firewall so that I can access EdShed?

Depending on how your firewall is set up, you may not need to add any rules to your whitelist at all. However, if your internet security policies require explicit whitelisting of domains then you will need to create exceptions for each of the following addresses. If your firewall supports wildcards then you may create one entry for *.edshed.com to cover each of the sub-domains listed under it. You will still need explicit entries for the other domains. 
  1. *.edshed.com  (which covers all of the following)
    1. www.edshed.com
    2. api.edshed.com
    3. files.edshed.com
    4. play.edshed.com
  2. www.spellingshed.com
  3. www.mathshed.com
  4. www.literacyshedplus.com
  5. www.quizshed.com
  6. www.phonicsshed.com

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