Phonics Shed information

Phonics Shed information

Phonics Shed is a multi-sensory teaching program, which is narrative driven. It introduces each new GPC through a story and character, with actions, songs, letter formation and flash cards to consolidate learning and appeal to different types of learners. 

We have divided our scheme into Part One and Part Two. Part One is suitable for Nursery and Reception, covering Phases 1-4 of Letters and Sounds and Part Two is suitable for KS1 covering Phases 5 - 6 of Letters and Sounds. The way we have arranged the teaching sequence of GPCs slightly differs to Letters and Sounds, but provides full coverage of everything  the pupils need to know. 

Our scheme includes: online access for pupils to practice their Phonics skills through our games, online resources and assessment tools for teachers, as well as hard copies of lesson plans, teaching story books, flashcards, Joe the puppet and decodable reading books for pupils.

Please follow this link for more information on pricing for Phonics Shed and what the different packs include
Here is a link to sample planning materials
See a sample of our decodable books here
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