Make sure special groups are not displayed to pupils

Make sure special groups are not displayed to pupils

You may have groups in the EdShed system that you do not want pupils to see. In some situations, this can lead to a data breach situation where e.g. pupils see others who are grouped as SEN or pupil premium etc. This guide explains how to deal with that.

Where groups are visible

Admin teachers can see all groups in EdShed via the groups page: Non-admin teachers can only see groups that they are members of.
Pupils can view groups within leagues as each group has an associated league for Spelling Shed and MathShed, using the shed score. Pupils can only see groups that they are members of but can see all members of those groups.

How to change visibility for pupils

There are three ways to alter visibility of group leagues to pupils.

Disable leagues completely

To completely disable leagues in the EdShed system:
  1. Sign in to EdShed with an admin account
  2. Visit the school settings page -
  3. Under "Organisation Settings" select "Off" for leagues then click the submit button.

Disable leagues for individual groups

To disable leagues for individual groups:
  1. Sign in to EdShed with an admin account
  2. Visit the groups screen -
  3. You should now be able to see how many users are in each group and whether leagues are enabled or not
  4. To disable leagues and hide specific groups untick the checkbox under "Leagues" for that group

Delete unneeded groups, imported by Wonde

If your school uses Wonde, groups may have been brought through that you do not need to use in EdShed or want to hide from pupils. You can disable leagues for groups as above or delete them by:
  1. Sign in to EdShed with an admin account
  2. Visit the groups screen -
  3. Click the down arrow button under actions to see the actions menu
  4. Click "Delete" and confirm
  5. This will only delete the group and not the users within that group
Note that groups will be reinstated on a full sync, which only happens when an admin user clicks the sync button within the school settings page -

Prevent groups from being imported using Wonde

To prevent groups from being imported into EdShed on sync:
  1. Sign in to EdShed with an admin account once the Wonde connection has been activated
  2. Visit the school settings page -
  3. Click the "Sync Wonde" button
  4. Deselect any groups that you do not want to be imported.
  5. Click "Sync" to sync groups and users with Wonde.

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