How to give Literacy Shed Plus licences

How to give Literacy Shed Plus licences

How to give Literacy Shed Plus licences
You will need to be an admin on the account to give a licence

If you already have groups on your account

1. You need to go to groups, click on the details of the group you wish to have the licence. 
2. Then click on the 'give licence' tab in the blue banner. 
3. Ensure teachers are added to the group who need access, by clicking the blue 'teachers' button at the top of the page.

If you do not have groups on your account

1. Click on 'Manage Licences' in the yellow banner on the homepage.
2. Click the drop down to choose the group.
3. Click 'Add Group', name the group and select.
4. Choose the teachers who are part of this group/class via the drop-down.
5. If not all teachers are on the account you can add them via the 'Teachers' page.

Can you ensure that all teachers log out and log back in and they will then be able to access the resources. 

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