I have two records for a user. How do I merge them?

I have two records for a user. How do I merge them?

This often happens if you have existing users then connect a system like Wonde or Clever. This has to be done user-by-user but is a simple process.
  1. Ensure you are signed on to the main Account Home page as an admin
  2. To merge pupils, navigate to the 'All Pupils' page and to merge teachers, navigate to the 'Teachers' page.
  3. Use the search and filter tools to find and select the duplicated accounts. 
  4. Click the yellow "Merge" button.
  5. You will see a dialog open which will show the direction of the merge.
  6. Ensure the arrow is pointing to the master user account. This is the one whose username and password will be kept after merge.
  7. Click "Confirm"

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