How to create a quiz

How to create a quiz

Creating a quiz
1. Go to Quizshed, click 'My Quizzes'
2. Click ‘Create new quiz’
3. Pick the theme: Maths, Spelling or Quiz Shed
4. Add a title, description, picture
5. Add the intro content - which will be shown when the quiz is selected
6. Attach the correct part of the National Curriculum from the Year group
7. Check the availability you want and the quiz settings.

Adding questions
For each question you need to write the instructions and the question, choose the answer type (see below), an optional image, a time limit and a difficulty rating - which affects the score. Ensure you click the green ‘Save button’ after entering the correct answer(s).

There is the option to ‘duplicate’ your question incase you are creating a number of similar questions in your quiz and there is also the option to duplicate your whole quiz on the editable quiz dashboard.

Answer types: 
Single choice - only one correct answer out of a list of multiple choice answers.
Multiple choice - there can be more than one correct answer out of a list of multiple choice answers.
Text - type the specific answer, you can choose to have more than one answer, ensure they are case sensitive.
Sort - Answers to sort on a scale - e.g from highest to lowest. Make sure you save the correct order in the answer.
Match - create a list of answers on the left that match with those on the right. Ensure they are matched correctly to save the correct answers.
Number input - Only numbers can be input into the answer box.

Once you are happy with your quiz - click ‘Play Quiz’ at the top of the page if you would like to ensure all answers are set correctly before assigning to pupils.

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