How to create a school account

How to create a school account

1. To create an EdShed account, go to enter your details and click Register. You will not need to add a joining code if your school does not already have an account.
2. You should then receive a verification email with a code. You will be prompted to enter this next time you log on. If you don’t receive the verification email, please first check your spam/junk folder.
3. Once you have logged into your account, select the type of account you need (school) and fill out the organisation and billing addresses.

4. You can start a subscription by going to the subscriptions page by clicking ‘Subscription’ from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
5. Choose the subscription you want and the number of pupils or classes it is for and press ‘Choose’.
6. You will be then taken to the Summary page where you can see the total cost of the subscription and choose your payment method. You must also accept our terms and conditions to be able to start the subscription.

7. Your next step will be to add teachers and pupils to the account.

8. You will need to ensure pupils have been assigned their Spelling Shed licences and that the teachers are in their correct groups. 

9. Once this has been done, teachers will have access to the resources of the chosen subscription. 

Please see video below for more details.

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