How to add teachers to your school account

How to add teachers to your school account

There are 2 ways teachers can be added to a school account - you will need to be an admin to be able to add teachers

To manually add teachers

1. Go to the 'Teachers' page and click 'Add Teacher'.
2. Add their email address and fill in the details and click submit. The username must be unique in EdShed. These details will then be automatically sent to the teacher via email for them to verify.

For the teachers to add themselves - recommended when adding a lot of teachers. 

1. Go to the 'Teachers' page.
2. Click the 'Generate Code' button, click 'Send to Teacher' and this will bring up an email in Outlook, which you can send to all teachers with instructions on how to set up their own accounts.
3. The link on the email you send will only be live for 24 hours, after then you will have to send a new invite.

If a teacher already has an account, they can join the school by ...

1. Logging in, clicking the 'switch account' button on the right hand side of the EdShed homepage.

2. Click the '+' button and then entering the school joining code in the yellow box.
3. They will be able to move between the two accounts using this button and is very useful if they also have a personal subscription.

Please see video below for more details:

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