How to add pupils to your account

How to add pupils to your account

There are three ways to add pupils to your account. You will need to be an admin user to add pupils.

Adding pupils manually - for adding a small amount of pupils

1. Go to 'All Pupils' in the menu.
2. Click 'Add Pupils' and 'more' button.
3. Populate these fields, the username will need to be unique within our system, email can be left blank.

Using a CSV - to add a large amount of pupil accounts at once.

1. Go to 'All Pupils' in the menu.
2. Click 'Add Pupils', then click on the 'upload' tab and download our sample CSV file.

3. The sample CSV file includes 8 columns but they do not all need to be populated.
4. Populate the headings: Name and Group (UPN is optional)

Name - First and second name
UPN - Not compulsory but we do strongly recommend this.
Group - This is the class the pupil is in, this will automatically create the group on the system for you with the correct pupils in. 
The display name, email, username and password columns can be left blank and the system will generate this information automatically for you. 
The display name will automatically be set as a pseudonym to keep pupils anonymous outside of school.
5. Once the file has been completed, ensure it is saved as a CSV Comma Separated-Values file.
6. Upload it in the same box you downloaded the Sample CSV from, click in the 'drop files here to upload' box and your computer files will open.
7. Once selected, wait a moment and they will be uploaded automatically.

Using Wonde

1. Go to the Ed Shed homepage, scroll down to the Wonde box.
2. Click the yellow 'Request Connection' button at the bottom on the EdShed homepage.
3. We will then create the link behind the scenes and teachers and pupils will be brought over.
4. To do a manual Wonde sync go to settings > options > configure data > select the classes and teachers you want to bring across and click 'save'> then sync with Wonde.

Please see video below for more details:

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