How do I move pupils to new classes for the next academic year?

How do I move pupils to new classes for the next academic year?

Every year pupils will need to move up to their next class, you will need to be logged in as an admin to do this. 

The first task will be to delete your outgoing pupils, click 'All Pupils' in the main menu and follow instructions below: 
  1. The easiest thing to do is click the heading for groups so pupils are ordered by group. 
  2. Select the pupils who are leaving by navigating through pages of results.
  3. Click the red "Delete" button and confirm.
  4. Wait - this may take a little while if you have a lot of pupils and they have a lot of data as we fully delete all pupil data.
  5. We recommend you delete any extra groups, which are not the year groups (e.g old spelling or literacy groups, so you are only left with the class names).
  6. (Optional) If you want to delete all groups go Settings, Options section  "Delete all groups".

If all pupils are staying in the same classes

  1. If your pupils are staying in the same classes going up the school, you can simply rename the groups from 'Year 4' to 'Year 5' for example. You can do this on the group page, then you will just need to add the new pupils via a CSV or Wonde update. If your classes are being mixed up follow CSV instructions.

If you still need to move pupils to their new classes, there are three ways to do this:


If your school uses Wonde just update pupil records on your MIS / SIS and wait overnight. Then, pupil, teacher and group membership should automatically update. At the start of a new academic year you should delete leavers and all groups before running a manual full sync.

If your school does not use Wonde but would like to connect Wonde in the future, you can merge pupil accounts after syncing so pupils do not lose their current history & scores.


  1. You can download the current pupil CSV off the "Pupils" page,  if you originally uploaded your pupil data as a CSV exported from e.g. SIMs when you originally uploaded the users please ensure that the "username" and "upn" field are kept the same, this will stop the duplication of pupils.
  2. You can then change the "group/reg" field with the new group name, our system will locate the pupils and assign them to the correct group.
  3. Resave the CSV file to your computer
  4. Click '+ Add Pupils' then 'upload' click in the box and select your updated CSV file, this will then upload.
  5. Then you will just need to add the new pupils via a CSV 


To move pupils manually follow the new year wizard:
  1. Go to 'All Pupils' page.
  2. Click 'New year wizard'
  3. Update the names of the classes and ensure correct teachers are attached.
  4. Select a set of pupils for a new group starting from the oldest pupils (this way you are moving into empty groups).
  5. Click the "Move to Group" button and select the desired group.
  6. Then you will just need to add the new pupils via a CSV 

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