Pupils can only see Quiz Shed

Pupils can only see Quiz Shed

If pupils are logging on and only see QuizShed, It may be because they haven't been allocated a subscription licence.

To allocate licences, you will need to be an account admin.

1. From the 'Account Home' page select 'All Pupils'.
2. At the top of the pupils page, there may be a message advising how many pupils do not have a licence and a button displayed next to it saying 'assign to all'. If this is not visible, select all pupils, then click 'Give licence', it will then ask you to choose the subscription you would like the pupil to access.

3. If an error message is displayed stating 'You do not have enough seats', it means that you have more pupil accounts than subscription licences. To fix this, first make sure you have removed any accounts belonging to pupils who have left, then you can add the number of pupils licences needed in the subscription section. You can find instructions for adding more pupil licences here: https://support.edshed.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-add-more-pupil-licences-to-your-s

Please follow link below to a video which explains this in more detail:

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